Rusted Warfare

Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS & Android RTS inspired by the classics
with fun gameplay and fast modern multi-threaded tech

Built for Large Battles

  • Optimised multi-core engine easily handles battles of 1000's of units.
  • Over 50 unique units with many upgrades
  • Experimental units for the big late-game battles
  • Infinite zoom to view and issue commands across the whole battlefield
  • Create your own battles and scenarios in the sandbox editor then play them in multiplayer

Modern Multiplayer

  • Full cross-platform multiplayer between the Windows, Linux, iOS and Android versions
  • Host your own game or play on the dedicated servers
  • Reconnect to disconnected multiplayer games
  • Steam friend matchmaking
  • Save and load multiplayer games for the quick lunch time battle
  • Enable shared unit control between allies.
  • Watch recorded multiplayer replays and save at any point to start playing from

Easy Modding

  • Over 1000+ mods on the steam workshop
  • Multiplayer synchronization automatically handled
  • Runtime loading of new unit data even while in-game
  • Most mods work both on mobile and PC with crossplay

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