Rusted Warfare - Changelog

Rusted Warfare v1.13.2 (New maps, surrendering, context map pings, new features)

3th march 2019

    Main new features:
    -Surrender voting system added to multiplayer
    -Map ping with context (eg ‘attack here’, ‘build here’), extra useful when playing with people from other languages
    -Allow players to change their own teams in multiplayer even if they aren’t hosts
    -New map: Valley Arena (10p) [by uber]
    -New map: Kingdoms (10p) [by Vulkan]
    -Start advanced skirmish from a custom map screen
    -Double click to attack-move setting added

    Other changes:
    -Units better follow paths and take a wider gap around obstacles when in a group
    -Fixed replays and saves played on maps that were streamed to you from a server
    -Fixes for map vibration on some zoom/resolutions
    -Preview which units will be selected by box selection before releasing
    -Better interactions with dedicated servers, battleroom interface improvements
    -Show colored HP bars by team
    -Fix useless T2 upgrade showing on mech factory
    -Random values are more random
    -Fixed attack-move melee units pushing targets
    -Fixed attachedTo and effect shadows
    -Smarter ally / enemy team starting locations in skirmish
    -AI now starts building immediately on game start
    -Remove blur from map at some zoom levels
    -Fix client ids if game with preferences.ini copied to another machine
    -Fixes for setting teams on dedicated servers
    -Resync and rejoins are now much faster
    -French and Dutch translations
    -Keep current unit selection after resyncs
    -Don’t make screen blank while resyncing
    -Fix for ‘unit cap reached’ shown at multiplayer start
    -Fog revealer is now unselectable
    -Capture neutral in multiplayer

    -Flame turret damage: 3 -> 4
    -Fire Bee: Hp 5400 -> 4900, Build speed: 59.5s -> 83s
    -Fabricator: Build time 11.9s -> 27.7s
    --Fabricator T2 Upgrade time: 41.6s -> 55.5s
    --Fabricator T3 Upgrade time: 55.5s -> 83.3s
    -laser tank: Added track animations, more HP but higher cost
    -Scout and Light gunship build times increased

    New modding features:
    -Added numberOfUnitsInTeam(withTag, withinRange, incompleteBuildings=true/false, factoryQueue=true/false, ...) logic boolean - Useful for building prerequisites, tech unlocks, hero respawning, etc.
    -added self.kills() and self.isOnNeutralTeam() logic booleans
    -[leg/arm]hidden now allows a logic boolean
    -[turret]invisible now allows a logic boolean
    -New effects on victory screen
    -added [turret]image_applyTeamColors
    -added [turret]image_drawOffsetX / Y
    -added [effect]teamColorRatio
    -added isUnselectable and canNotBeDirectlyAttacked
    -added IGNORE ini value, to skip keys and not load key in [core]copyFrom target
    -[action] text and description support multiple languages
    -[action] iconImage added
    -[graphics]icon_zoomed_out added
    -[action] deleteNumUnitsFromTransport added
    -[core]canBuild_X_isVisible added (logic boolean)
    -[core]canBuild_X_isLocked added (logic boolean)
    -[core]canBuild_X_isLockedMessage added (text)
    -[leg] drawLegWhenZoomedOut, drawFootWhenZoomedOut (boolean) - for performance
    -[core]extraBuildRangeWhenBuildingThis (float)
    -[core]disableAllUnitCollisions - (boolean)

Rusted Warfare v1.13 (Huge performance boost, 100s of new modding features, 8 new units, smarter AI, ...)

2 dec 2018

    Main new features:
    • A new set of units
      • Light gunship - Very weak but cheap
      • Underwater probe - weak scout
      • Plasma tank - Strong land attack, Shield weak vs lightning
      • Heavy Interceptor - Heavily armed with shield, Shield weak vs lightning
      • Telsa Mech
      • Fire bee
      • Nautilus - Amphibious submarine
      • Aircraft carrier Heavily armed and armored, Builds air units (at x5 speed), Laser defence & repairbay, Anti-air, Can build anti-nuke missiles
    • Better smarter AI. Better able to defend itself, expand, smarter experimental spider usage, etc
    • Large performance improvements and much better at handling large maps (like the 1500*1500 crazy maps in the workshop)
    • 3 new maps
    • 1 new mission
    • Patrol order - will move between points forever, or guard an area will help repair/build any nearby units, will move to attack any nearby targets or anything that damages it.
    • Guard order - will follow a target, repairing it and helping it build. Will move to attack any nearby targets or anything that damages target.
    • Cloud effects
    • Lightning attacks now bypass shields allowing many units to be countered
    • Music and sound system (with faster startup speed and reduced memory usage)
    • Improved effects and graphics
    • Converted over many core units into the mod ini format for people to change and use in mods
    • Lots of bugs fixes.

    Main new modding features:
    • Around 250 new options and systems added
    • Keyframe animation system (including arm/leg animations for smooth opening blast doors, etc)
    • Automatic action triggers (eg convert unit when it’s over water, low HP, etc)
    • Ability to embed images into maps to include your own custom tileset graphics
    • Custom price system.
    • Custom sounds (with custom sounds on order)
    • Multi-Targeting/Target per turret system
    • Teleporting, units spawning
    • Pre unit turret limit upped to 30
    • Reduced memory usage of each mod and inactive mods
    • Manual turret firing (eg moddable nuke launchers)
    • Shield damage bypass and unit armour
    • Flexible custom moddable effects. (Create custom projectile explosions, turret shooting effects, etc)
    • Enhanced boolean logic with many more functions. (Including ‘and’, ‘or’, and brackets)
    • Adds self.isOverPassableTile(type), self.tags(includes),, self.transportingCount(...), self.ammo(...), etc
    • Projectile intercepting projectiles (eg moddable anti-nuke)
    • Ammo variable, and 32 boolean flags for misc mod usage
    • Turret angle restrictions
    • Starting units can be added to with custom units
    • Many many more new features - see full list in the Modding Reference doc

Rusted Warfare v1.12 (Workshop modding for units/missions/maps! Also new units, faster performance and extra shrapnel)

5 feb 2018

    • Large performance boost handling lots of units and large battles. Up to 10x the framerate in some special test cases
    • More efficient pathfinding and prioritization of path solving threads
    • Steam workshop support for units and maps!
      • Mods and workshop items can be added or uploaded from mods screen
      • Thank you to the modders who have already added content!
      • Maps will be automatically streamed from the host, but units require everyone to have them installed right now
    • Placing lines of buildings by click dragging (very useful)
    • New Heavy artillery - T2 artillery with limited laser defence
    • New Heavy Missile Ship - powerful long range
    • New T3 anti-air sam, and flak anti-air
    • Many old units have been converted into the newer moddable format
    • Added reload unit data button to sandbox - Modders should now never need to restart
    • Logic bug causing AI to get stronger on very easy & easy settings (I'm so sorry!!)
    • Game statistics now show on victory screen
    • Translation files are now under 'assets/translations' for people to add their own translations. Send them in for official inclusion
    • Mobile turret nerf, now cannot move over water
    • Missile tank renamed to AA Missile tank, buffed for anti-air but cannot attack land
    • Faster rendering code for minimap, selections, image drawing
    • The 'Live Reload' option is now multithread to remove any freezes
    • Fixed cleared key binding being reset
    • Fixed crashes loading save with missing modded units
    • Fixed crash bugs
    • Lots of little details (that most of people might not notice)
      • Most unit turrets have recoil
      • New trees of different types
      • Leaves when trees fall
      • Better graphics on lots of projectiles
      • Dust on reversing units
      • Better water waves on ships
      • Shrapnel bits fly of units when they explode
      • Better laser effects
      • Nicer render of the map when zoomed out

Rusted Warfare v1.11 (Replays, new mechs, lots of optimisations, etc)

23 sep 2017

    -New Multiplayer Replays!
    --Watch recorded multiplayer games at up to 64x speed
    --You can create saves at any point in a replay to start a new multiplayer game from or edit in sandbox
    -3 new mechs
    --Mobile Turret - Deploys for extra range and a shield
    --Artillery Mech - Long range, can move while firing
    --Minigun Mech - Fast firing, speeds up as it fires
    -New mission: 'Spider battle' (Note: this is a fun setup in multiplayer!)
    -List of all selected units showed in the side bar (left click: select only that type, right click: unselect that type)
    -Lots of path finding optimisations
    --Solved paths are shared between clients to reduce load
    --Units are more responsive to new orders in multiplayer
    --Spamming orders shouldn't make your units pause movement in multiplayer
    -Dynamic step rate in multiplayer to allow smoother games
    -UI system has been optimised.
    --Lobby screen with 100s of servers should no longer drop framerate.
    -Nerf to light/heavy hovertank units, missile airship
    -Buff to sea units to better survive fights vs hovertanks
    -Mech factory can no longer build light/heavy hovertanks
    -Large mechs now use 2 transport slots
    -Plasma mech rechanges 15% faster
    -Added 'disablePassiveTargeting', 'action_X_addEnergy' for modders to better create custom nuclear silo like buildings/units
    -Leg positions on units better saved and synced
    -Survive waves stop after being defeated
    -Shield information shown under unit HP text
    -List of selected units shown on PC
    -Old chat log messages shown when menu is shown
    -Better icons shown when zoomed out
    -Send '.share off' and '.share on' in multiplayer to disable shared control for yourself in case of trolls
    -Starting credits now goes up to $200,000
    -Buffed: Missile ship, Artillery, Missile mech
    -Less HP on basic sub
    -Basic mech, missile mech build times longer to match tanks
    -Missile airship, heavytank, heavy hovertank build times longer to reduce spamming
    -Buffed bomber HP and damage
    -Extra splash damage on experimental tank
    -Fixed plamsa mech sometimes not firing after recharging
    -Fixed UDP networking memory leak with some use cases
    -Fixed crash after picking last server in the list sometimes happening after refresh
    -Fixed rare desync issue caused by purchases ordered just as a unit dies
    -Fixed desyncs warnings when a modded unit was transformed into a new unit without actions that were already queued (they will now be refunded)

Rusted Warfare v1.10 (Shared control, mechs, maps, better AI)

13 aug 2017

    • Shared ally control can be setup for multiplayer games
    • Disconnected players automatically get all their units shared to allies till they return
    • Mech Factory added, with a set of initial mechs
      • Basic mech - Land only
      • Anti-air mech - Area effect anti-air only
      • Plasma Mech - Long range air & ground attack
      • Flame Mech - Short range flamethrower with high HP
    • T3 gun turret upgrade
    • New map: Enclosed Island (10p)
    • Spider mech now costs $70000 and uses up 5 transport slots. And it's death nuke is disabled when 'no nukes' game setting is on.
    • New building gird placement system and reworked footprint of many buildings
    • Modded units are now loaded from 'mods/units/' and can be enabled or disabled in-game
    • Lots of new modding features
      • Modded units can now have upgrade actions
      • Can dynamically switch any property with convert actions
      • Custom projectile graphics with more options
      • Modded units can override builtin units
      • Lots more
    • Fixed pathing issues causing builders with queued buildings to pause
    • Fixed pathing issue causing units from factories to sometimes pause before moving to rally
    • Builders now wait up to ~15 seconds if there is not enough money to place a building before giving up
    • Fixed pathing issues with units loading into transports in multiplayer
    • Softer speedups on laggy networks and better handling of high ping
    • Builder ships can build more building types
    • All builders can reclaim buildings
    • Repairbay automatically repairs allies units and helps build buildings
    • More robust server networking code
    • Spider mech automatically repairs units
    • When a unit can both repair damaged transport or load into it will toggle between load up and repair
    • 'lava votex' map balance fix
    • T1 builder can no longer build nuke launchers
    • Lots of AI improvements and fixes
      • AI can better use modded units
      • AI builds anti-nuke, repairbays, and laser defenses
      • AI cannot hijack the sandbox editor to build units (haha)
      • Builds attacking units more reliability
      • Expands better

Rusted Warfare v1.05

    -Lots of bug fixes -New unit: Combat Engineer - Heavily armored builder (with T2 buildings, torpedos, self repair, fabricator, hover) -New unit: Heavy Sub - Heavily armored submarine -New big map: 'Interlocked Large' -Added immersive full-screen option for modern devices -Builder queue fixes, and improvements -Turret rush nerf: Buildings under construction take 75% extra damage, turrets take longer to build -Don't show disabled tech 3 upgrade on tech 3 extractors -Skirmish and online win condition changed to 'all factories and builders' -Fixed more android 2.2 crashes -Experimental UDP networking for low lag games, and better handling of packet loss on wifi networks -Game uses multiple masterservers for increased reliability -Dedicated servers now require 2 or more players to start a game -Fix crashes related to bitmaps -Errors loading custom units now show an alert to help modders -Network list now sorted -Fixed blueprints orders not moving when on edge of screen -By request 'Unselect All' is always shown -Game balancing: -Small buff on tanks, hovertanks -Buff on Heavy tanks, Mammoth Tank, Missile tanks, Heavy battleship -Lots of other changes and fixes

Rusted Warfare v1.04

    -Over double frame rate with large armies and battles -New map 'Huge Subdivide' could fit 4 large maps inside it -New updates to turrets: --Flamethrower upgrade with area damage but short range --Artillery upgrade with long range but slow speed -Multiple buildings can now be quickly queued for builders -Added blueprints previews of queued buildings -Fixed game not running on old android versions -Added unit previews to menus -Fabricator upgrade improved -Artillery shots are no longer homing but have an area affect -Added team chat (start message with '-t') -Lots of bug fixes

Rusted Warfare v1.03

    -New unit 'Experimental Dropship' - Armed flying transport which can also build units -New unit 'Heavy Battleship' -New unit 'Missile Tank' - Long range air/land missiles -2 new maps - Volcano Crater (8p), and Flying Fortress Challenge Map -AI difficulty can be set in multiplayer -Large AI improvements, and now uses a wider range of units -Made 'Impossible' AI difficulty harder -Waypoint and pathing fixes -Start of unit modding support for creating new units -Better unit target prioritization -Fixed AI sometimes spamming transports -Custom maps over network can now resync without crashing -Fixed crash if no one was in slot 1 and AIs were playing -Other fixes and changes -Late game speedups -Fixed box select moving units -fixed false positive desync warning showing up when loading and resyncing -Lots more changes and fixes

Rusted Warfare v1.01

    -7 skirmish maps from 'hxyy'/华夏_有衣 (more maps to come) -2 new units - Nuke launcher and Anti-Nuke launcher -Map thumbnails shown in single player map list -3 finger zoom now also works with pinching -Unit limit increased to 250 in multiplayer and 500 in single player -Tech 3 resource extractors -Start of russian translations by Aleksandr Loktionov (work in progress) -Units should no longer get stuck both moving to the same spot between them -Fixed freeze returning to menu after winning the last mission -Fog of war is now shared between allies -Shielded Hovertank's shield and speed nerfed slightly -Allies can now be added in singleplayer skirmish games -New double income mode for multiplayer -Nukes can be disabled in multiplayer games -Starting credits can be set on dedicated servers -Better and more noticeable attack notifications -Range of some unit's attacks now shown -Unit's name and hp shown on sidebar

Rusted Warfare v0.98

    THE SEA UPDATE -3 new skirmish maps -3 new units: Submarines, Builder Ships, Amphibious Jets -Players can rejoin multiplayer games they dropped out of and the server will resynchronise the game -AI can now build sea factories and ships. -T2 upgrade added to air factory, and fabricator -Initial support for translations starting with chinese simplified and traditional (still incomplete) -Large performance improvements to rendering, path finding and AI -Trees added (only in some maps for now) -Dedicated servers controlled though GUI -Save games are now compressed -Lobby now shows number of players -Fixed gunship able to attack air -Username sometimes not saved -Nerfs to make builder/turret aggressive pushing strategies less effective. -Fixed not all units in a group entering transports -Removed false positive desync warning -Fixed followers pausing for a bit while moving in formation -Fixed units doing circles when moving to unreachable target -GUI now shows if other units are ally or enemy, and the player name -Fixed crashes in pathfinding, network checksum and scorch mark code -Workaround for reduce command lag when playing network games with large number of units (better fix soon) -Lots more bug fixes and improvements

Rusted Warfare v0.97

    -Dedicated servers -Public chat server which all game from any version can join -New multithread rendering engine, allowing update and draw to run at the same time on multi-core phones -New 8 player map "Many Islands", largest map yet -New building 'Fabricator': Generates credits much slower then an extractor but can be placed anywhere. -New T2 upgrade for anti-air turrets -Number of multiplayer desync fixes -Up 3x better framerate -New effects and animations including new construction effect for builders -New terrain graphic system (which will make future changes much easier) -New hardware accelerated rendering. -Reduced lag in multiplayer games -Builder now has cost more but has more HP (to reduce the effectiveness of builder spamming early game) -Battery saving option using framerate limiting -Added an 'impossible' AI difficulty -AI Improvements -In-game pause button -Pause menu shown when paused, allows saving, etc on new android devices without menu button -Clients can now see other players ping in multiplayer games -Fixed common crash occurring on game start. -Shockwave effect -Lava effects -Smoke emitter -Shadows on units -Dust from units -Fixed slow downs late game -Players get notified of activity in background multiplayer games -Repair bay can now repair buildings, longer range, but slower repair speed -Laser defense dims when rechanging, shorter range -Now uses halo theme

Rusted Warfare v0.96

    -6 new skirmish maps -Performance improvements -USB mouse support: such as click and drag box selection (Android 4.0+) -USB Keyboard support: --0-9 unit groups --shift and ctrl select modifiers --arrow and WASD screen movement --alt: drag box select --space: deselect all -Improved the handling of touches on minimap. and visual feedback given for move orders though minimap. -Units groups now display a popup when touched to better show how they are used, and give feedback -Added menu option to show player list in-game -Fixed intermittent crash loading menu background -Fixed thread synchronization crash when exiting, or switching windows -Fixed crash in menu when all player's units were killed in last game -Fixed crash in network lobby when custom maps or saved maps are empty -Fixed bug that allowed players to resume a menu level -Fixed crashes in 4.3 from surfaceView unlocking issue -Fixed network desync bug under high load -Lots of other small improvements

Rusted Warfare v0.95

    -Menu screen now shows battles in the background, or if there is an active game being played it is shown frozen -Pathfinding system is now completely multithreaded: this should remove nearly all freezes, and allow the game to run better on multi-core phones -Pathfinding system now uses significantly less memory and runs faster. -Experimental unit factory added -Experimental tank added (powerful tank with 4 turrets) -Mammoth tank added (strong tank that shoots lightning bolts) -1 new skirmish map, 1 new mission -Much better support for running on high density screens, like the S4. -Zoom button can now been hidden in settings (for people just using 3 finger zoom) -Better unit movements, helicopters and hover units are able to slide and move around better, better movement of large units -Units can now have any number of turrets attached -New unit art for: missile ship, (battle ship), laser tank, repair bay, laser defence, sea factory. -Unit balances changes for multiplayer -laser tank changed. attack damage reduced, now has a charge up delay, but faster fire rate. -hover tank nerfed (speed slowed, reduced attack damage) -Fixed reported bug: Rare null pointer were projectiles had no target. -Fixed reported bug: Game crashes when setting spawn point to an unoccupied spot -Fixed reported bug: Rare crash when repairing or loading into a unit which is removed from the game -Other bug fixes

Rusted Warfare v0.89

    -Added laser defence building to counter artillery and missiles -Added dropship, a flying transport -Added new skirmish/multiplayer map 'Big island' -Reduced lag, and interface delays in network games -Taping the zoom button now cycles between zoom levels -Reduced memory usage, faster map loading, system able to load in much larger maps. -Large performance improvements to the pathfinding engine, especially on island maps -Can chat while in-game when playing network games -Default network port changed to 5123 -doesn't crash if port is already in use -Can change the port number used for multiplayer games -Disconnecting handled better in multiplayer games -Lots of bugs fixed, and other small changes

Rusted Warfare v

    -Added unit groups buttons/hotkeys. To allow quick selection of different units. (short press to add, long press to replace, double tap to focus) -Rally points can now be set for all factories -Added new unit 'Heavy Hovertank' -Start of Tech Trees, land factories can now be upgraded to T2 -Fixed another game save bug were corrupt game saves could be created -Made the game able to load corrupt save files this bug causes without crashing (Please if you still have problems email me your save file, I know people have problems, but I have received none so far!) -Lots of other small changes and some performance improvements

Rusted Warfare v

    -Fixed 4.1 crashes on start -Some AI Improvements, start of AI difficulty levels (see settings) -New unit graphics, and music -Added a new battle ship unit -new skirmish map 'Ice Island (2p)' -factory exits can no longer be blocked by buildings -fixed minimap drawing dead units -bugs fixes and performance improvements

Rusted Warfare v0.82

    -Added proper saving and loading support! You can now save games to the SD card. -new challenge mission - 'Beachhead Landing' -option to rendering the game with 2x pixel size, workaround for very high res screens. -Game Over message for survival mode -Made circle selection grow larger -Other changes, and bug fixes

Rusted Warfare v0.80

    -Added gunship air unit. Can attack ground only. Strong attack and heavily armored -You can now load custom maps and missions from the SD card (see the corrodinggames forums for details on making your own maps) -3 new maps: skirmish/multiplayer map - 'Large Ice Outcrop', Mission 6 'Snowy Outcrop', challenge - Ice Base -Hover Tanks cost more but beefed up to be more useful. Has more HP, can shoot while moving and attacks air and land -Added shadows to buildings, stopped flicking between map and units while scrolling -Skirmish levels now have victory conditions -Host can pick map in network game -player's name, and last used ip address now remembered between network games -Fixed network sync bug, which could cause crashes -Game now checks network games are in sync, and displays messages if desync is detected -Made network code display warnings instead of crashing on sync problems -Updated network GUI, for lobby and battleroom -Extractor cheaper (now $800), and generates resources faster -Giving orders over fog now shows move marker -HP bar still shown for transported units (if 'Always show HP bar' was on) -bug fixes

Rusted Warfare v0.75

    -Added challenge missions for experienced players. Currently two missions. '1v3 Island' and 'Artillery' -AI is smarter. Defends itself better and is more aggressive. More improvements planned. -Fixed map victory conditions requiring turrets to be destroyed -Nicer unit formations -Darkened unit wreckages so it's easier to see live units -Added ingame warning about Samsung Galaxy S2's audio bug -Fixed a few bugs

Rusted Warfare v0.x

    -Zooming out to full map shows unit icons, making easier to give orders while increasing performance (can be disabled in settings) -Extractors can now be upgraded -Added help screens for new users -Local IP address now shown to multiplayer hosts -Can see mission briefing again from option menu -Progress bars on units now always shown -Option to always show unit HP bar -Optimised fog rendering -Fixed HP being hard to see when zoomed out -Made units on mini-map easier to see -Hold selection radius bigger, and fixed selection radius not matching shown circle when zoomed out -Cost of builders increased to 300

Rusted Warfare v0.x

    -Sidebar can be now used to select units of specific types -Added scroll speed option in the settings -Fixed render artifacts on edge of screen when loading new map if zoomed in. -Fixed rounding bug, that allowed units to drive off the top and left of the map