Box Fox - Puzzle Platformer (2010)

Box Fox is a 2d platformer for android with a heavy focus on puzzles, it's inspired by box stacking concepts from games such as block dude, but takes them much further


  • Lots of puzzle elements including buttons, doors, movable bridges, springs, teleporters, pushers, keys, etc
  • Challenging puzzles that aim to make you think, as well as easy levels for casual gamers
  • All levels can be skipped
  • Different game modes, many levels, and support for custom maps in the full version


*Permissions: uses SD to write backups for save game


From Lite..

From Full..



-New optional control method you can enable in the settings. (Would like some feedback and any good ideas for any other control methods)

-'Challenge levels', renamed to 'Puzzle levels'.

-Doors are now force field barriers

Full version only:

-2 new levels: 'Trapped Laser', 'Laser Beam Portals'

-New puzzle elements: piston lifts, glass blocks

-Remote control car faster (when not pushing items)

-Lasers beams will now travel though teleporters

-Other fixes


-Fixed expanding bridge box, wasn't working at all. (Thank you to kevsgm for reporting the bug)

-Threaded saves to reduce pauses on some devices.

-Other small fixes


-Removed Ads

-Fullscreen support for honeycomb tablet devices

-Lots of rendering and code optimisations


-Moved a lot of resource loading into threads to avoid freezes on slower hardware

-Made buy now button appear when it should


-Added 1 new level, "High Key" (5 new levels for full version users)

-Map rendering optimisations, less memory use.

-Added buy now button :p


-Full version out now! :)

-Added sample map from full version with lasers, they get much trickier

-Can drag screen with touch in look mode

-Collision fixes

-Reduced file size

-Other fixes, better menus


-Added new challenge level 7, “Pusher Trick”.

-Named all levels

-Added particle effects

-Can now pick the location of the on-screen d-pad, and action button

-Added qwerty settings as per request

-Fixed crash when switching back to closed instance

-Fixed crash with pushers

-Other fixes


-Added new game element, hydraulic pushers

-Added 2 challenge levels! (Lv 5 renamed to lv7)

-Added custom level sample by M.Saunders.

-Lots of other changes, and fixes


-Large optimisations to map rendering (thanks JP)

-Optimised game logic

-Optimised collisions

-Better memory use


-Added two new challenge levels! (lv3 and lv4. old lv3 has been renamed to lv5)

-Level tweaks, added extra puzzles to lv6, and lv4 in easy lvs, fixed some shortcuts in others

-Added ad on menu screen

-Lots of Bug fixes, clearer text, credits

-Load done in separate thread to avoid unresponsive gui